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This entry is inspired by a great DIY post we read on how to “Make Your Own Mermaid Oasis in 5 steps” by Brit + Co post on April 28, 2017.

Well, it turns out that our fans and many many others have made mermaids cool again. This, according to Brit.co who has recognized the trend themselves.  We’re just as excited to see people getting creative and having fun with design. We’ve recently posted how sequin fabric for prom is one way you can shop Big Z Fabric and use our selection of floral lace sequin fabric or  more traditional solid blue hexagonal sequin mesh for a one of a kind dress. But, as with so many of our fabrics, this article identified an entirely different application that sequins are a perfect fit for…

Creating a Mermaid Relaxation Oasis Yourself

The post identifies some of the most critical elements of any respectable mermaid oasis.

  1. A unique backdrop to set the scene: They recommend you use a “sheer fabric” to “transform your room into a dreamy escape…”.  That’s a great idea. In fact, we have JUST THE ANSWER for this admittedly wonderful idea.  We sell almost 100 different types of sheer fabric that are solid colored, stitched with sequins, and come in a variety of patterns to that will fit right into your underwater relaxation kingdom.
  2. Some Faux Coral scenery: Well, they show some nice decorations for this. We admit…it’d be hard to make a 3d faux-coral statue with fabric. But…you know what that needs? A nice cloth top to set your decorations on top of! We would perhaps recommend that you shop coral colored fabric to stick with the theme and utilize some of the great texture options we have available.
  3. Create some pizzazz with a translucent end table: The post accurately points out that you want to add some pop and fun to your project.  They recommend a translucent vinyl fabric.  Guess what? We may have some options that work for that too!
  4. A textured blanket to cuddle in: You need to enjoy your oasis and wrap yourself up in something that will facilitate peak maximum relaxation.  The post’s blanket looks nice and fits the nautical theme quite well but we’re not certain it’s the cuddle-liest of them all.  In fact, we’ve prided ourselves on selling some of the softest baby-recommended minky fabric on the market.  If you can’t find something in our catalog that soothes your pending nap pangs… well then…perhaps you’re being crabby.
  5. Make yourself a Mermaid Sequin Pillow: And finally, we have the best solution yet that exactly fits the DIY spirit of Big Z Fabric. The post shows a beautiful sequin pillow that could have been 100% created using our fabrics. Yes, we have a sequin for all mermaids including tight sequin knits, large sequin knits, purple sequins, green sequins and so on.  With over 60 sequin fabrics to choose from, we think you’ll finish your mermaid oasis project quite satisfied when you shop from our selection.

Please let us know how you use any of these ideas in your custom fabric designs and projects!




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