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The world is slowly understanding the benefits of using marine upholstery fabrics in their premises. They are not just an asset but a necessity as well. When it comes to designing a room, you can use these fabrics not only for designing the walls but also for designing the furniture. You can even design curtains and rugs using marine upholstery fabric too. The reason is simple; they have endless designs that you can incorporate in your home, office or any other premises to give them a new look and feel. If you are wondering why you should use marine upholstery fabric in your home or workspace, then read on! Here are some of the top reasons as to why you should have it in your home or business premises:

How to Buy? Shop Marine Vinyl by the Yard

Consumers can easily shop marine upholstery fabric by the yard. They are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors that you might be looking for. So, if you have a particular design in mind, then use these fabrics to create it. You don’t have to worry about finding a certified supplier; there are many online stores that sell marine upholstery fabric. The advantage of buying marine upholstery fabric by the yard is that even a small order could go a long way in giving your home or business premises the exact look you want. If you need just one piece of fabric for your kitchen or dining room wall, then buy it by the yard and place it on your wall as per your needs.

Use UV Resistant Vinyl to Prevent Fading

The marine upholstery fabric that you use in your furniture or walls is made of a vinyl material. This allows it to be durable and resistant to fading. If you want yourself or your premises to last, then make sure that you have the marine upholstery fabric with UV resistant vinyl. Marine upholstery fabric has a high strength which makes it ideal for heavy duty applications like creating curtains and rugs. Marine upholstery fabric can also protect you from any unwanted external factors like UV rays and dust particles coming in through windows or doors. It will also protect you against mold and mildew too!

Types of Waterproof Marine Vinyl Fabric

Marine vinyl fabric is made of polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane. The polyvinyl chloride makes it water-resistant while the polyurethane helps it to resist fading and cracking. It’s also durable as well as easy to clean. It can be easily wiped with a cloth or neutral cleaner and won’t stain easily. Marine vinyl fabric is durable and easy to maintain as well. It’s also lightweight so you can carry it around with you wherever you go! It’s also quite low-cost, which makes it a good option for those who are on a tight budget. With such a wide range of designs, there is no way your home or workspace wouldn’t look cool with this fabric in there!

What is Rub Count and How Does It Work?

When it comes to designing your home, or any other premises, you need to know about the material you are using. There is one particular fabric that needs to be a part of your list and that is marine upholstery fabric. Marine upholstery fabric has a rub count of 1-2 on the fibers and they are not easily torn. This makes them durable and strong enough to withstand wear and tear. Another property of marine upholstery fabric is that they do not release synthetic toxic fumes when they decompose as they do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes them perfect for spaces such as offices where people work in close proximity to each other. Marine upholstery fabric can also reduce noise levels in your home by 40-50 percent because the fabrics have high-density foam filling that does an excellent job at absorbing sound waves. You don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone nearby for these reasons!

Is There Really Something Called “Marine Grade” Vinyl?

There is a term called “marine grade” vinyl. You will be surprised to know that not all vinyl is made of marine grade vinyl. It simply refers to the type of vinyl that’s made from recycled materials. Marine grade vinyl is not only eco-friendly but it also lasts longer than other types of vinyls, which means that you’ll save some money in the long run. If you aren’t looking for something extra special, then marine upholstery fabrics are perfect for your home or business premises. They are way cheaper than other materials and can last even longer than other ones. All these have been given by marine upholstery fabric manufacturers so you should consider them as well when you’re planning to buy new furniture covers and curtains for your home or workspace.

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