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What’s All the Rave About
What’s All the Rave About

You can easily create the most out of this world rave attire. There are no limits when it comes to raves, so go crazy and have fun! Rave outfits for women usually include halters, rompers, pants, skirts, and leggings with matching fingerless gloves, and leg warmers. Rave clothing for men is much easier to accessorize, they don’t usually go all out like females do. It is common for men to wear light weight and comfortable UFO pants which make it easy to dance in.

Accessories complete the look at raves, so don’t forget to accessorize your favorite rave look with furry and spikey fur head accessories, hats and fur shrugs. The furrier, fluffier and fuzzier the outfits and boots, the better. And the more wild the colors and patterns, the more you will stand out and add to the fun of the scene. If you can get your outfit or accessory to illuminate with LED lights, then you’re golden. Now you can rock your next rave with your own creation made from fabrics from Big Z Fabric.

You can accessorize you favorite rave look with faux fur leg warmers or boots which are a must for ravers. These leg warmers extend from the bottom of the knee to the top of the ankle. These will come in handy, especially if a rave is going to be held at the desert at night. If you dress for the weather you will be more comfortable.

Fuchsia Arctic Alaskan Husky Fake Fur Fabric
Fuchsia Arctic Alaskan Husky Fake Fur Fabric

We suggest using Big Z Fabric’s Faux Fake Fur Arctic Alaskan Husky Long Pile fabric in fuchsia, which is sold by the yard for $29.99. This fabric comes in 7 bright and exciting color shades that are not found among animal furs. This makes it perfect for raves. This faux fur fabric is one of the best fabrics on the market for the best price.

Go ahead and design your own rave outfits and accessories. There are no rules to follow, just be your creative self and have fun. Make sure you order your faux fur fabric and any other fabrics you need for your rave creation from Big Z Fabric.

You can also post your rave creation online and save big at Big Z Fabric! Share your fabric projects, such as your rave outfits, accessories, costumes or anything else you created on Big Z Fabric’s Facebook and other social media platforms. 😉

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