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Summer is waiting in the wings with warmer weather and sunshine, and no one wants to be cooped up inside all the time with that going on! This excellent, stain resistant fabric comes in nine different colors for only $7.10 a cloth yard. Even better, it’s sixty inches wide and backed by a thin layer of polyvinyl chloride, making it 100% waterproof and more durable than many other outdoor fabrics.

If you wanted to make new cushions for your outdoor furniture, but you aren’t quite sure how much you need, measure twice and cut once. The downside to this fabric is that it has no stretch in any direction, so you wont eke out that extra quarter inch you need if you’ve cut it short.

In the meantime you could use it for tablecloths or picnic blankets, protecting you and your dishware from water on the grass or your patio table. Make yourself a porch awning or figure out how to stitch the edges together and make a tarp any size you need. With a bit more dedication, put together a patio umbrella, then scale it down to make one for yourself.

Then make a purse or wallet, just because.

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