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When the temperature drops, most of us reach for our warmest clothes. When you’re out and about in winter, however, it can be difficult to carry all or even some of these items with you at all times.

The good news is that many common fabrics double up as suitable materials for warmer clothing. For example, jeans are often lined with fleece, so they act like pajamas when worn with the right layers. Here are several warm clothing ideas using fabrics:

1. Quilted Jackets

Fashion designers are increasingly using quilted fabrics in their winter collections. They use them for jackets, coats and even skirts.

2. Shearling Coats

Sheepskin is one of the warmest fabrics around, so it’s no wonder it’s used to make coats, jackets, and even shoes.

3. Fleece Lined Jackets & Hoodies

Most outdoor clothing comes with some level of insulation – either thermal or fleece lining, depending on the conditions they’re designed for. If you have a favorite jacket that isn’t lined, you can always fit your own thermal or fleece lining very easily.

4. Thermal Underwear

This classic cold-weather item has little to do with underwear these days. Thermal fabrics are now used for all sorts of clothing items, including T-shirts, long johns, and even socks.

5. Scarves

Scarves come in all shapes and sizes, making them a very versatile item of clothing. They can be made from various materials, but wool is one of the warmest options.

6. Hats

A good hat will keep your head and ears warm in cold weather, and there are plenty of different styles to choose from. You choose the type of fabric is up to you, but wool is a good option.

7. Mittens

Mittens are warmer than gloves as they keep your fingers together and close to each other’s warmth. They’re also more windproof.

8. Balaclavas

A balaclava is a great way to keep your face warm when the cold wind has made it feel particularly raw! If you have long hair, you might also want to use it as an extra layer on your head for that added warmth – especially if you’re not wearing a hat or even a scarf.

9. Foot Warmers

Socks are another versatile item of clothing, and they’re easily adjustable, so one size can fit most people’s feet comfortably. All you have to do is wear two pairs and then cut the toes off the second pair while keeping them together at the heel! You can then pull them up over your ankles, and voila: perfect foot warmers.

10. Tights

Tights are made from the same materials as socks, but they make a particularly versatile winter item of clothing because you can wear them with skirts or even mini dresses. If it’s very cold, you could also use two pairs at once.

11. Sweaters & Jumper

When choosing your jumper/sweater, opt for a thick and heavy one to retain warmth. You should also pay attention to whether or not your jumper has any zip openings or button fastenings; if the weather is particularly changeable, then you’ll be prepared for anything.

12. Dressing Gowns

If it gets really cold outside, you might want to consider wearing your dressing gown around the house. Not only will it keep you warm, but it’ll also stop your regular clothes from getting too creased or dirty.

13. Thermal Socks

Thermal socks are a must-have for anyone who suffers from cold feet. They come in all sorts of materials, but the best ones are made from thermal fleece.

14. Leggings

Leggings can be worn on their own or as part of a layered outfit. They’re perfect for keeping your legs warm, and they come in lots of different materials, including thermal fleece!

15. Pyjamas

Pajamas don’t have to be just for bedtime. If you’re going to be staying at home all day, why not put on a nice warm pair of pajamas and relax? They come in all sorts of materials, including thermal fleece!


So there you have it different items of clothing that can help keep you warm during the winter months. These items are made from fabrics that are specifically designed to keep you warm, so be sure to choose wisely. And remember, layers are always the key to keeping warm, so mix and match these items as much as you like for the perfect winter wardrobe.

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