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We spent last week celebrating faux fur with our fans and customers.  We had a blast doing it and loved all the responses and comments we received.  There were some strong opinions amongst everyone but in general we think everyone can agree that the benefits, whether to what degree we rank them, are there.

What are some of the reasons our customers prefer Faux Fur Fabric?


“be extremely soft, comes in many colors, patterns, lengths, types, and even sparkly and UV reactive, and good for the environment!”


Less animal cruelty!

I’ll always choose faux fur over animal hides because I care about animals. Their skin isn’t mine, so why would I think it’s okay to kill them and take it? Not in 2021. It’s just unnecessary

I love faux fur for long-lasting projects (such as fursuits), but it’s undeniable that real fur is more eco-friendly than the micro plastic that comes with fast fashion faux fur trims/linings in clothing. Not to mention that each piece of real fur is unique with each and every pelt!


Some customers were curious as to why our EcoShag line is more eco friendly 

It may not use real animals and is breathable, but I’m what way is it more eco-friendly? Even if the animals that produce fur cost resources to feed, how is that worse than the micro fibers that will pollute the earth for years to come? I am a happy customer of your fabrics but I would like to see actual sources on this.

That’s a great question.  So our EcoShag line utilizes sustainable sourcing for materials where and when possible. The manufacturers we utilize are committed to this process as well.  We cannot fully detail in what ways and what manufacturers we utilize to protect our business strategies. While nothing made with petroleum based products is 100% eco-friendly our goal is to do what we can and where we can to make it MORE eco-friendly than competitors.


What are our 6 reasons to choose faux fur over animal fur?


Reason 2

Reason 3

Reason 4

Reason 5

Reason 6

Again, we thank everyone for their input and making that a fun week. Let’s do our part to making faux fur more acceptable and used worldwide….and let’s continue to push eco-friendly alternatives that allow us to make amazing things and projects.

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