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Professionals and business who need high quality fabric at great prices can shop Big Z Fabric with confidence because our dedication to providing flexibility and options helps meet budgets and time constraints. We understand how important shipping can be when it comes to wholesale fabric. You need your products to arrive in perfect condition and on time. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensuring the right packaging and shipping is offered to you. We think this ensures our faux fur and wholesale fleece fabrics, for example, are shipped to customers in the best possible way.

We also believe in forming lasting relationships with our wholesale fabric clients. In order to start out on the right foot, it’s important you understand our policies for selling fabric wholesale. We’ve based our methods on our customers’ needs. Once you’ve read through this quick guide you should have the right questions answered to how you should order your next bulk fabric order online. Below are some of the highlights you can find in our store:

High-Quality Fabric Sold by the Yard

We sell most of our fabric by the yard. We find this is the best system for our clients because it allows them to receive the exact amount of material they desire. A few neoprene fabrics serve as the exception to this policy.

Minky Fabrics Available by the Bolt

Our stylish minky fabrics are available to wholesale customers by the bolt, a standard unit of measure in the fabric industry. Each bolt contains 15 yards of material. Our high-quality minky materials are HUG-Z baby soft and come in a variety of specific styles.

Folding Versus “Ship on Roll”

Our standard practice is to fold our fabrics for shipping. Depending on the size of the order, the folded fabric will come in a box or in a standard carrier shipping envelope. We’ve found this to be the simplest and most effective method for sending material by mail to get to customers quickly and cost-effectively.

All our customers have the option of selecting “ship on roll” during the checkout process. If this option is selected, we will roll the fabric and send it in a cylindrical container instead of folding it.

Large-Volume Orders

We are perfectly capable of handling large-volume orders. We’ll do whatever it takes to effectively package your order no matter how much you decide to buy. If necessary, we’ll even send your order through a special carrier. Our mission is always to accommodate your needs.

Wholesale Pricing by Tier

Our pricing is designed to offer wholesale fabric customers more options and better pricing to build their businesses effectively. We want your business for the long term so we understand that value and quality are the way to help you succeed and shop with us again. With our tiered pricing system, you pay less per yard by buying more of the fabric at checkout.

We have several tiers, each of which brings cheaper prices. You can save money and boost your profits by bumping your order up to the next tier. This is important to think about because you may want to order now for a future project as well.

An example of a pricing tier may look like this:

  • 1-5 yards: $9.99 per yard
  • 6-10 yards: $9.79 per yard
  • 10-15 yards: $9.49 per yard
  • 15+ yards: $9.09 per yard

With these pricing tiers you can start to budget out your needs several months down the line and add to your profit margin by reducing your fabric material costs.

Products Available for Pick-Up

If you’d rather pick up your wholesale products yourself, you’re welcome to do so. We are based in the Los Angeles area, and anyone in the area can drop by the warehouse to pick up their recent purchases. This will allow you to save on shipping completely which is always a frustrating added expense!

Conclusion: Wholesale Shipping With the Customers’ Interests in Mind

Big Z Fabric is your best partner to support your business if you need fabrics in bulk or wholesale. You’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer a wide variety of faux fur, fleece fabrics, minky fabrics, vinyl fabrics and more but we also do everything we can to accommodate our wholesale customers. This includes careful packaging to tiered pricing. We do what it takes to make sure working with us is a pleasure. By offering high-quality products and using the very best shipping methods, we’re hoping we can become one of your long-term suppliers. Given the variety and quality of products on offer, it should be a fruitful relationship for everyone involved.

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