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The Flaming Hot Fabric

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The BigZ flaming fabric is sold by the yard, and it has many colors buried inside of that black background. The comfy 100% cotton fabric has orange flames with some blue that is included. This fabric is ideal to create arts & crafts for the boys in the family, or anyone who has an interest in all things black, blue, and orange!
One could create sheets for a kids bedroom to a shirt that you made for fun. This is a fun fabric if you are trying to make a statement chair, or you could make a hilarious gaming stool for your living room, making it perfect for upholstery.
This is a beautiful fabric that you can use anywhere that you want. The cotton makes it easy to sew and next thing you know, viola! You have a smoking hot new item in your home decked out in the coolest of flames.

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100 Cotton fabric

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