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Do you love the look of wolf fur but don’t want to detrimentally affect the wolf population by buying real fur? Then Faux Fake Fur Animal Short Pile Coat Costume Fabric in the color of Hybrid Wolf may be perfect for you. This fabric is similar to Baby Tundra Wolf, but at 3 inches it features a longer pile. The pattern is also more mature, with the addition of orange-brown spots speckled across the beige and black background. This fabric is durable and warm, and an exceptional choice for any project you may have in mind that calls for realistically-colored faux fur of a relatively long length.

We recommend you use this fabric to create a warm fur shawl, or the fringe on coat sleeves and hoods. It would also look great as a throw blanket, bringing a rustic look into your home. This fabric has a polyester backing while the fur is acrylic. The width is 60 inches. You can obtain this faux fur with its authentic wolf coloring for $24.99. Ask for a $1 sample to see this fabric in person. Don’t delay in creating your next beautiful faux fur project!

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animal short pile

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