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If you want to get creative this year and make your own amazing costumes, home decorations, or any Halloween-related craft, we are here to cheer you on! Since you only need to follow some simple steps and get the right fabrics by the yard to create a great spooky atmosphere without spending hundreds because there are so many funny, clever, genius ideas that are affordable and easy to follow; keep reading to find out our recommended fabrics for this season.

This bright, stretchy, glossy fabric Glossy Stretch Fetish Patent Vinyl Spandex can be used for many purposes, for example, Full body spandex suits, Cosplay, Tablecloths, Headbands, Superhero Masks and capes, Jackets, etc. If you do a quick research online, you will only need to find the patterns of your favorite costume or accessory, cut, sew, and that’s it! Remember when you buy by the yard, you can save much money and allow you to make the most of it to create different crafts.


Of course, printed fabrics like the Poly Cotton Printed Fabric Halloween Pumpkins are a must if you want to recreate the perfect Halloween atmosphere at home! You can easily make some pillows, shades, tablecloths, and spread them all around your house or a specific spot. You can also use this fabric to add a spice of decoration to your outfit if you are not a costume lover by making a bandana, waistband, if you are good with crafts, you can make your own earrings, maybe adding a patch to some old jeans, and surprise everyone at work! This and other printed fabrics are available to shop online by the yard.


Neoprene is one of the most versatile fabrics that can be used all year long and this list would not be complete without Neoprene! Due to its waterproof and resistance to weather features, among others, this fabric is excellent for any outdoor decoration and definitely, the most used for Halloween costumes, cosplay, and the perfect fabric to make your accessories like superhero masks, belts, horns, gloves, etc. Neoprene Scuba Techno Athletic Double Knit All Purpose Fabric comes in 60 assorted bright, light, and dark colors and it’s sold in continuous yards. 


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