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Check out this amazing hoodie and skirt created by Mia Green over at Les Fleur Couture Beauty & Style. A fantastic look put together in February and March of 2020, Mia decided to create something that she could rock as winter wrapped up and spring got started.  She decided to go with our Neoprene Scuba Techno Athletic Double Knit All-Purpose Fabric / Wine / Sold By The Yard for this look. With only the one fabric this time around, Mia proved that all you need is inspiration, a little know-how, and a concept to create something fantastic. Let’s find out about the process and share how you can create a similar look below.

Making with our Neoprene Fabrics

Mia has much more details and tips for sewing with neoprene over on her blog (check it out!) but below are some general guidelines about sewing with neoprene.

Our neoprene comes in different thicknesses so it’s important to choose the thickness that you are going for.  The thicker the neoprene the tougher folded looks that layer on top of each other will be to create.  All neoprene, if not stitched correctly, will take on a bit of shape on its own so be sure to hem and not leave any exposed fabric ends with neoprene. Plan out your pattern to utilize the neoprene so that you have enough of it not to utilize the stretchiness of it to compensate for a fold or wrinkle look you’re hoping for.  You want to let the stretch of the neoprene be a feature while wearing it, not use it as a way to get more fabric due to bad pattern planning.

It’s also important to understand the fabric you are working with. Mia knew that neoprene will act like a wetsuit (duh!) and keep warmth in. So, since it’s a warmer fabric she decided on a pattern and look that compliments the season she was going to use the finished product in.  In Dallas, Texas the Jan-April months can be quite cold but many days are brisk which facilitates a warm long sleeve top and skirt look Mia put together.  Her goal was simple… she wanted something she could wear while running errands and in her free time outside with some flair.

Want to make this look for yourself?

Head on over to Mia’s website to read about her experience with our neoprene to create this look. She’ll be able to give you some pointers about this fabric and many others you’re looking at.  Her blog is a great resource to find out about specific sewing techniques that will work well with neoprene.  If you want to get the fabrics used in to make this project we have compiled it together below.  Be sure to use our special checkout code to receive any discounts available as well!

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