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Sparkle In Lovely Lace with Gems

Shimmer and shine in the elegance of lace. Phoenix Gem Lace Dress Fabric Ivory not only is made of gorgeous mesh backing, but has little gems that sparkle in direct light. The lace is made in a beautiful phoenix embroidery design. Phoenix Gem Lace Dress Fabric is usually made by looping, twisting and knitting in a special pattern. It’s perfect for a luxurious gown, lovely decorations or accents on any type of clothing.

Phoenix Gem Lace Dress Fabric Ivory is sold in continuous yards for $34.99. Samples are available for $1. The 100% polyester fabric has a width of 56 inches and does not stretch. It’s available in many different colors including royal blue, sage, teal, silver, and many more. Give yourself a bit of sparkle with the royal feel of gems and lace.

Phoenix Gem Lace Dress Fabric

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