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There are so many options when it comes to Christmas tree ornaments. Where do you even start? Some people start out by having a theme in mind and then go from there. But have you considered making your own ornaments? This is a fun, easy project that you can do with your loved ones for one-of-a-kind holiday decorations.

Shout out to Hobby Lobby’s Christmas decorations for giving up the inspiration for this project.

Materials needed:

2 pins, 1 foam ball, your fabric of choice (maybe burlap?), piece of string, hot glue gun.

STEP ONE – Get your Styrofoam Ball & Fabric Selection

Start with a foam ball of any size. In our example we have a foam ball with seven inches in circumference. Then choose your fabric of choice. We recommend our burlap or perhaps plaid flannel for a nice seasonal look.

Styrofoam ball and fabric

STEP TWO – Prepare Fabric 1st Fabric Cut For Wrapping

You are going to need to cut two pieces of fabric length. The lenghts needed can generally be assumed to be the following:

1st Cut – Circumference-of-ball Squared : So in our case we have a 7″ ball circumference and we need one fabric piece that is 49″. This works out well in this case if you cut the fabric to the width of ~1/2 inch. If you make a wider fabric cut then you can assume that a 1 inch width would need half of the 49″.


STEP THREE – Second Cut for Pinning and Finishing Wrap

2nd Cut – Circumference-of-ball PLUS a couple inches. Just tack on an inch or two to your ball-circumference. This will determine where you pin the fabric and super glue to hang. In our use case we cut 11″ which allowed us to finish some uncovered area and pin at the top of the ball where we wanted to glue

pinning and finishing wrap

STEP FOUR – Make Your Hanging Knot

Take a piece of string and tie it into the second fabric strand that you cut or hot glue it. Make it strong enough for an ornament to hand.

STEP FIVE – Finish It Off By Pinning & Gluing

Hot glue the knot to one of the ends of the separate piece of fabric. Insert a pin to each end of the the fabric. Wrap this piece of fabric around the ball, covering any spots of the ball that may still be visible. Insert the pins to secure the fabrics and voila! You’re all done.


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