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We’ve added 5 new colors to our Solid Shaggy Long Pile Faux Fur lineup this week! What’s the best part about the new colors? Our community voted on them and picked which they’d like to see most!

We had over 500 votes on social media that we tallied up. The numbers with the stars is what we moved forward with!

Show Us What The New Colors Look Like!

We had to come up with some new names for these colors. The names we came up with do a pretty good job at reflecting the colors in person and help differentiate them from the other colors already available! So what did we name them?

  1. Mango – The first of two new Orange based colors. 
  2. Sherbet Orange – Our second Orange color that offers a much more…tasty shade of orange.
  3. Shadow Blue – A great addition to our blues.  This is a fabulous soft blue shade that we’re sure you’ll love.
  4. Midnight Purple – A purple that is a bit lighter than a deep purple.  This should add new options for those looking for a purple shade!
  5. Spring Green – A pop of refreshing green that we absolutely love.  We think you will too!

Check them out in our youtube short below

New colors in motion!

Show how do these new colors stack up to the line up?

Orange is the new…orange-ish

The two new oranges, Mango and Sherbet Orange, makes it so that you now have 6 shades of “orange” to choose from. If we consider our “Papaya” to be part orange and part pink, and our “Saffron” to be an orange-ish gold then there are 6 total orange colors to choose from; Tangerine, Sherbet Orange, Saffron, Papaya, Orange, and Mango!

Greens to make your next project healthy!

Some of our greens might be more blue-ish but in the right light they might give you the perfect green shade you’re looking for. So if we count some of those as green, the new Spring Green color makes it so there are 10 different shades of green to choose from! These include; Aqua, Hunter Green, Kelly Green, Lime Green, Mint, Olive, Seafoam, Spring Green, Teal, and Wasabi Green! From the bright Spring Green just added to the dark Hunter Green you are sure to get that perfect shade.

The Bruises… Purples and Blues

The other two new colors we added are a deep purple and a deep blue! So we figured we’d combine them in this section and lay out both the families of colors they add to here. (Note, we’re ignoring the green-ish blues mentioned above here…but technically Aqua, Seafoam, and Teal would be here too!). Midnight Purple adds to our purples so that there are 6 options including; Eggplant, Grape, Lavender, Midnight Purple, Purple, and Violet. For the blues? Well, now we have 10 to choose from; Baby Blue, Cobalt Blue, Denim, Dusty Blue, Electric Blue, Navy Blue, Periwinkle, Royal Blue, Shadow Blue, and Turquoise!

What’s next?

This post is only so helpful. We do encourage you to order samples before you place large orders, or our color cards. Samples are $1.50 with free shipping (in the US). Also, you may want to clear out some extra space because we didn’t stop at just these 5 new colors. No… we had a round two… and some of these are already on their way!

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