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Our container finally arrived and we can now announce that our two new colors of our Alaskan Husky Faux Fur.  The colors are a needed addition to the Alaskan Husky line because they allow for some new types of use cases.  We are hopeful that the Blonde will stand in for those projects that are looking for a bit of a more traditional or realistic touch.  The Turquoise is for all of those out there that make some fantastic furry costumes and other fun faux fur based projects.

What is our Alaskan Husky line?

Our Alaskan Husky fabrics are unique in our catalog in that they offer a neat gradient tip color underlined with a bit of a darker backing. This give these fabrics a nice pop and contrast throughout the entire pile.  The pile length is 2.5 inches and so it is longer than our short pile fabrics but shorter than our long pile fabrics.  So for all of these unique traits we think this is a great fabric for costumes, blankets, and anything else needing a little bit of shag to it but not too much.  These fabrics are also part of our EcoShagTM product line as well which makes it a bit more friendly to the environment when shopping for faux fur fabrics online.

Our brand new Turquoise Color is one of our favorite fun colors

Shop now: https://bigzfabric.com/products/faux-fur-fabric-fake-faux-fur-fabric-long-pile/faux-fake-fur-arctic-alaskan-husky-long-pile-fabric/faux-fake-fur-arctic-alaskan-husky-long-pile-fabric-turquoise-sold-by-the-yard-ecoshag-sup-tm-sup

Our Blonde color is a nice addition to our faux fur family

Shop Now: https://bigzfabric.com/products/faux-fur-fabric-fake-faux-fur-fabric-long-pile/faux-fake-fur-arctic-alaskan-husky-long-pile-fabric/faux-fake-fur-arctic-alaskan-husky-long-pile-fabric-blonde-sold-by-the-yard-ecoshag-sup-tm-sup

We hope that you all like these new colorful options to our faux furs.  We always pay attention to what our community is requesting and what you all are buying so if you like these or other colors make sure to either purchase the fabric you like or just give some love on social media if you aren’t actively shopping at this moment.  And as always, if you have other suggestions or examples of projects you’ve made with our fabrics please share and let us admire your work.

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