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Big Z sells an assortment of colors and patterns of neoprene fabric.  We have thicknesses that range from 1mm to 5mm. That’s quite a range to pick from when deciding what project you want to undertake.  We recently ran into an article from Business Insider about a neoprene weekend bag that got us excited for our customers.

Obviously the ease of buying a bag outright is something to consider, but you could save more than $100 easily by making your own bag using Big Z Fabric.  That’s right! We sell most of the materials you would need to mimic another bag similar to one featured in the linked article. In fact, if you have a bit of experience under your belt you could create a bag that meets your exact needs with an opportunity to customize the color and pattern to meet your personality.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the article writer, Ellen Hoffman, described the bag as one of the “most versatile and stylish weekend bags”.

Weekend Tote Bag Recommendations:

  • Compartments for devices and junk: ok maybe it’s not junk, but a tote bag that has a sleeve or an area for a book and keys and your phone is ideal.  You could choose to use neoprene for those or perhaps mix up the fabric used and stitch together a pocket using mesh fabric, suede fabric, or spandex.
  • Hand washable: your weekend will likely be spent outside or on the move.  Coffee stored in a custom pouch or snacks snugged into a sleeve may spill. Luckily our high quality neoprene fabric is forgiving and can be cleaned.
  • Quick to dry: Neoprene sold by Big Z is similar to that found in other neoprene applications.  Just like wet suites, our neoprene is designed to dry quickly and can be taken to the beach, lake, or on a bike ride through a drizzle and dry off quickly.

You can get a sample of our Neoprene fabric for as low as $1 and can buy it by the yard for less than $13 per yard.  So before you think about spending $150 on a store sold bag and if you got a little creativity and know-how you should consider taking a look at our Neoprene Fabric selection along with our complimentary fabrics and decide if you could create your own personal ultimate weekend tote bag.



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