Modern & Classic Upholstery Vinyl. What’s your style?

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Big Z Fabric offers many unique, different types of upholstery vinyl fabric. If you are having a tough time choosing a print or color, we recommend looking at your style. Are you classic or modern?

For our Modern DIY’ers: Our Alligator Crocodile Embossed Upholstery Fabric is exotic. It’s offered in sparkly, shiny snake and crocodile patterns. It looks and feels like real reptile skin, but for a fraction of the price! It is made of 100% polyester with an embossed texture. Alligator Crocodile Embossed Upholstery Fabric has 25,000 rubs for lasting durability. It’s available in 13 different colors from the wild to the classic styles. The width of this fabric is 57″.

Classic Style DIY’ers: Grain Armadillo Faux Fake Leather Vinyl Fabric has a classic look and feel. This fabric is made of 10% Polyethylene, 85% Polyester and 5% Leather. It has a grain armadillo pattern. This fabric has a double rub count of 60,000. The Grain Armadillo Faux Fake Leather Vinyl Fabric has a width of 54″. It’s offered in many different classic colors.

Both of these vinyl upholstery fabrics are perfect for many different projects. From accessories and purses to formal furniture and clothing, these fabrics are versatile. Both are sold by the yard and in continuous yards. Shop our entire Vinyl Upholstery selection below!

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