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For people looking for marine upholstery ideas, we have a few suggestions that will help. Vinyl fabric is one of the most common materials used in boats and marine upholstering because it’s so durable and easy to clean. Big Z Fabric has vinyl fabric with a soft textured feel and comes in dozens of colors and patterns so people can customize their boat or marine craft with vibrant style! We also offer custom stitching services to make any project look new again.

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What is marine vinyl?

Marine vinyl fabric is a highly durable and hardy material with beautiful properties that people can use in all seasons. Made from PVC and polyester, it’s anti-fungal, mildew resistant, fire retardant, as well as UV treated. It means we never have to worry about wearing out our upholstery.

When people are looking for boat seat protection, marine vinyl upholstery is what to get. Some of our vinyl is a rugged material that can withstand natural elements and is more than likely to withstand the abuse of an active lifestyle. In addition, its durability makes it excellent for both indoor or outdoor settings.

Finding the perfect vinyl for our boats can be difficult, but here at Big Z, we’ve discovered what our clients need! We’ve hand-selected all the manufacturers of all of our marine fabrics so that it has the best quality without sacrificing price.

We know what will make a boat look perfect! 

Seven Unique Ideas for Boating Interiors Using Vinyl Fabric

The right interior upholstery can make a boat totally unique to you. All the time we spend on our vessel should match how much thought and effort went into making every detail shine! Check out these seven unique ideas for boating interiors:

  • Modern and Subtle-
    When it comes to vinyl upholstery, many people like to go big and bold with their choices. The problem is that this can sometimes lead us to commit to an entire look before trying out other options in more subtle or modern color schemes. A quieter design may work better over time because of its lack-of flashiness factor but still maintain some degree of authenticity.
  • Going Vintage-
    We can take our boat’s style up a notch with vintage-style upholstery. This type of vinyl is usually found on casual speed boats and fishing vessels because it provides an elegant yet durable look. A great thing about this fabric choice for any vessel is that there are so many colors to choose from, including bold primary hues and pastels.
  • Modern and Sleek-
    Not enough style? Up the grade factor by including some sleek designs with vinyl upholstery. Include sharp features and color contrasting like stripes on a speed boat, reflecting its capabilities.
  • Ski-Boat-
    A more stylish and modern look, the Ski-Boat style means using vinyl upholstery that is highly resistant to water. It serves an aesthetic purpose and practical one because it’s durable for whatever our day may bring.
  • Contrasting-
    When we want to redo the vinyl upholstery on our boats, it’s important that all of its parts look good together and what colors they are. A boat with contrasting colors on the outside and inside can be sporty, fashionable, and stylish.
  • The Laid-Back Look-
    The vinyl upholstery on our pontoon boat will add a stylish, modern touch and provide the same great experience as when sitting in leather seats. The cupholders built into this material ensure that we can enjoy every beverage without getting up from our seats and out onto the deck.
  • A Mixture of All-
    It isn’t easy to find the right look for our boat. We may like one style of the upholstery but want another. Vinyl is an easy and affordable solution. With such a wide variety available to choose from, there’s no reason why both styles shouldn’t work well together in harmony.

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