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When you’ve lived in the same house or apartment for a while, you tend to get used to the furnishings and accept them just as they are. Then one day you find yourself looking at the couch you got 5 or even 10 years ago, and you realize that your décor hasn’t kept up with the times, your style, or your life. But that couch carries memories with it, and it’s so comfortable and fits the space so well. If it weren’t for the outdated, worn-out upholstery…

Don’t worry, you can keep the couch! But you can still add a modern, trendy look to your home. Just reupholster your beloved sofa with Upholstery Grade Solid Flocking Velvet Fabric. This fabric comes in 6 luxuriously rich colors, including Dark Purple, Burgundy, Navy Blue, and Black. For a brighter look, choose Royal Blue or Red. Your home will gain an entirely new, fresh atmosphere.

Not only will your couch look like new, but it will feel like the epitome of comfort. This fabric is velvety soft with a cotton backing. It is 56-57 inches wide and is available by the roll for $210.99, so you will have enough for all your upholstery needs. You can request a $1 sample in the color of your choice if you’d like to make sure it matches your décor. Don’t let the years pass you by without ensuring that your home is keeping up with your modern style!

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