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Big Z Fabric customers are welcome to share their honest feedback and suggestions about the product quality and their overall experience with the business. 

Here is a short guide to teach you how to leave a review on Big Z Fabric.

Leaving A Review On Big Z Fabric

BIG Z Fabric believes in giving its customers a voice. It encourages customers to leave honest feedback and reviews about their experience. 

There are three main ways to leave a review on Big Z Fabric: 

  1. Manual Product Reviews 
  2. Email Follow Up Review 
  3. Google QR Code Review 

Let’s take a close look at each of these methods: 

  1. How To Leave Manual Product Reviews?

After purchasing a product, customers can share feedback about fabric quality and other relevant details. Follow these steps to leave a review about any Big Z Fabric product manually: 

  1. You must register an account on the Big Z Fabric website to leave a review. If you have never made an account, then sign up first. To sign up, go to My Account > Create an Account. 
  1. If you already have an account, check if you are logged in or not. If not, click on my account and log in under “Returning Customers.” 
  2. After logging in go to the product page and click on Reviews.
  1. Then click on add your review.
  2. Choose the rating and type in your feedback about the fabric. After writing the review, click on Submit.

2. How to Use Auto-Generated Product Review Requests?

Product Review Requests will be sent to customers automatically via a follow-up email after they make a purchase. The product review email also includes links to Google to leave Google/Yelp reviews for website, functionality, shipping, customer service, etc. 

3. How to Use Google Review QR Code? 

Google Review QR Code pack-ins are included in the packing/ delivery box. Scan the code to open the review form, where you can rate your experience and leave valuable feedback. 

Summing Up 

Leave a review on Big Z Fabric and share your experiences to help others make an informed decision. There are three ways to review Big Z products. Just follow the details mentioned in the article above! 

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