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Big Z Fabric has a special relationship with fursuiters, furries, and all the in-between-ers.  The community gives us support and helps guide our decision-making. We have developed entire lines of fabric for our furry community and have improved historical lines based on their feedback.  This post is meant to celebrate the community and guide new-comers to what Big Z Fabric offers.

What Are Popular Fabrics That Furries Need?

The first thing tor remember about buying fabric for your fur suit is that it’s supposed to be fun and creative!  Your fursona is going to make a mark and you’ve put so much time into brainstorming that you shouldn’t settle for just any fabric or color and pattern.

Our most popular fabrics for fursuits

  • Faux Furs: The biggest consideration when choosing a faux fur is what pile length and colors you want.  We carry a full range of both length and colors. This fabric will be the primary fabric throughout and is easy to work with!
    • Long Pile Shaggy Faux Fur:  This is a popular length at 1.5 inches to 2 inches and comes in dozens of colors. Many fursuiters shave this down to be the exact length they need.
    • Short Pile Faux Fur: If you need 1 inch throughout your project or only need it in one or two areas our short pile faux fur is excellent.  It comes in a ton of colors as well so you can match or contrast.
    • Half Shag Faux Fur: We call this our Beaver line and comes in knit-backing or non-knit backing. This is a half an inch throughout and depending on how you’re applying the fabric you can choose the more rigid knit-backing or not. We’ve expanded this line to include more colors as well.
    • Solid Shaggy UV Reactive Faux Fur: This is where the fun really comes in! We carry a great line of blacklight reactive faux furs that can give your fursuit a presence in those environments.  This faux fur comes in 2 inch pile length so it can be shaved down to meet your needs.
  • Faux Leather / Vinyls: Most fur suits have noses, paws, and other accent areas that don’t need to be faux fur.  Or, even better, tails, legs, ears, or whatever else your imagination can handle might look best as a faux leather vinyl.
    • Chrome Mirror Reflective Vinyl: This is a popular vinyl with our customers because of how it reflects light off of the many different color options.  This will look a solid color in most scenarios but can give a great reflection and accent when it hits the light.  If your fur suit is crossing over into the cosplay realm or has accents/accessories this is a great option.
    • Crocodile Holographic Embossed PVC Vinyl: This fabric has a crocodile embossed pattern throughout with the top layer giving off a shiny, multi-colored reflection to light.  Think about a chromatic dragon (or fursona!) and this gives you an idea why our customers love it.
    • Viper Snake Holographic Embossed Vinyl: Similar to the crocodile pattern but a bit more venomous it gives off the same multi-colored rainbow shine.  This is another fun accessory and accent fabric.
    • Marine Vinyl: It doesn’t matter if your fursona is hydro-phobic…accidents happen. But more practically, our marine vinyl is extremely durable, abrasion resistant, and water proof so it makes for great paws and feet.  It comes in a solid color and is designed to withstand constant wear and use.
  • Special Use Fabrics: These fabrics are extremely popular and have special applications.  That doesn’t mean some customers don’t use these throughout and more generally…they can be the star fabric themselves!
    • Solid Minky: Our solid baby soft minky is a super short pile, blanket-like, fabric that is super duper soft.  It’s solid in color throughout and is available in tons of colors.  This is a great fabric that our furries use for heads, ears, tails, bellies, etc. Anywhere that the fur suit needs short and cuddly fur.
    • Mochi Minky: Our community helped us develop and create this fabric from scratch. We heard their voices and launched our mochi minky because of them! Why is it so popular?  This is very similar to our solid minky but comes with one additional characteristic….it’s very stretchy!  That makes it useful for joints and can make your costume more flexible and natural looking!
    • Techno Neoprene – This is a stretchy neoprene that our fur suiters use mostly as liner within their costumes.  It keeps you as cool and dry as possible so you can spend long days in your new fursona!

How much does a fursuit cost to make?

This depends on how much fabric you need and whether you’re making an entire suit or just a head or paws.  The good news is that our fabric is sold by the yard and we offer the best pricing.  When you combine this with our selection that means you can fill your cart up with enough affordable high-quality fabric and you wont need to shop anywhere else.

Our faux furs range from $18 – $25 per yard and you’ll probably need 5-10 yards depending on your design.  Be sure to plan your pattern out ahead of time to utilize your fabric and ensure you have enough or have enough left over to make something else!

You’ll need less than that for the other types of fabric….maybe 1-3 of each.  Our minky starts at ~$6.50 per yard , and our vinyls are ~ $10 per yard depending on which you go with. Combine that with 1 or 2 yards of Techno Neoprene for liner @ $9 per yard and you’re good! 

All combined a typical shopping cart with all the fabric you’d need from Big Z Fabric for your fur suit will probably cost anywhere between $150 – $200!  If you’ve got the skill this is a pretty good deal compared to commissioning a project!

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