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Have an upcoming event? Don´t miss our Closeout and full-price Sequins. Add a shimmering look with a piece of sequin wardrobe, it´s time to get noticed and trendy.

In fact, some years ago, sequins used to be worn only on very special occasions, Christmas or weddings, but the fashion rules are in constant change, so why not wearing a cool outfit including sequins for the whole year! Now it´s possible.

How much sparkle is too much? This will entirely depend on the occasion, while you can wear a gorgeous cocktail dress for a night event filled with sequins, for the day you might want to go with a more casual or add discrete piece like a layer of lace and sequins on the shoulders like the Geometric Mayan Elastic Shiny Sequins Fabric that goes perfect on regular or denim fabric.


Lace and Sequins


This combination is probably the most common for Weddings or parties, and the reason is that lace and sequins simply go perfectly together, a lace dress with a scattering of sequins can grant you an elegant and nice look, like the Abstract Diamond Sequins Power Mesh Fabric or an Anastasia Floral Sequins Lace Fabric perfect for a night dress.


Spandex for Weddings & the party season


Spandex is such a versatile fabric, it is used for swimsuits, athletic wear, scuba diving, and of course day and night dresses. Spandex is the star of night-dress fabrics due to its body-shaping characteristics, if you don´t believe us, just take a look at the Kardashian family, they seem to be in love with spandex. This skin-tight fabric is perfect for a formal event, if you want to add a shimmery look you can try something like the Crinkle Crepe Back Satin Spandex and if you want to stand out, you can combine Spandex with Sequins like this gorgeous Small Dot Confetti Sequin Spandex Fabric and you will look like a diva.

Definitely, sparkle is going strong this year as well, designers are opting for fun floral prints, shiny, metallic, and sequin details that can be work for any occasion and any season. Spandex is a very comfortable and durable fabric that fits any size and body shape.

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