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Hopefully this guide will help you shop for and order the best faux fur for your needs. This guide is not laid out by sub-category like our store. Instead we’ve gone through all our faux fur and laid them out for your by pile length as your primary filter. Your project may not require a specific color or pattern and instead you’d much rather identify a fabric that you do not need to shave or that you’d like have a specific pile length.

All the lengths here are not exact measurements and the fabric may vary a bit even within its own category family. Still, this is an accurate representation of our product lineup and the manufacturing specifications we send.

Less than 1 Inch

1 Inches





2 Inches




3 Inches



4 or more inches

Want Some Super Furry Fabric?

All of these faux furs are available for sale by the yard and many receive additional wholesale pricing when you order 5 or more yards at a time.  Additionally, if your project is not pile length, color, pattern, backing, or any otherwise attribute-specific then you should sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye out for our faux fur scrap boxes that go on sale every so often as it becomes available.  

Hopefully this guide is helpful.  As always our support team is available to answer your questions if you still have them.  We love interacting on our website and/or social media so please come over and ask a question.

Why does faux fur pile length matter?

Faux Fur allows a designer to choose exactly the fabric they have imagined for their project. Usually the first thing that you need to figure out is what kind of look you’re going for. If you want something realistic that mimics real animal fur then your choice of pile length you need to choose will depend on the actual fur’s length. We provide a wide array of Animal Faux Furs just for these purposes; including those that mimic popular animal faux furs as well as patterns and styles that might not have a real-world doppelganger of (we just think they look cool!)
But let’s assume you’re not trying to make a realistic Lynx Cat faux fur jacket but rather you are looking for a solid or unique patterned faux fur. In these cases you might know which pile length to choose.

  1. Longer pile faux fur may not be as “dense” as shorter pile faux fur: Very long pile lengths, which we would say are those over 2.5 inches, may not be as dense as shorter pile faux furs. Why? One reason is that the long fibers inherently create a full look simply because there is so much material on the face of the fabric meaning manufacturing doesn’t require as dense of fibers throughout the fabric. Another reason why very long piles may not be a dense is cost. Manufacturing long fibers is more difficult and therefore more expensive but also there is more mass in a square inch of space meaning shipping weight would be much higher for a yard of very long pile faux fur vs shorter piled faux fur. For these reasons, often times, you should assume a very long pile faux fur is less “dense” most likely. This is important if you intend to shave the fibers to a custom length or have a project that is sensitive to exposed backing material potentially being seen.
  2. Shave-ability: If you plan to shave your faux fur you will need to start with a pile length that is longer than you need, of course. But also, as mentioned above, starting at a longer pile may mean your shaving results in exposed backing in some use-cases. Be sure to inquire about how dense the faux fur is and examine the fabric weight. A higher fabric weight might signify a denser pile that will shave better.
  3. Care & Durability: Longer pile faux furs will inevitably need more care and washing than shorter pile faux furs. More debris and gunk can get caught in the long fibers. While you can carefully wash your faux fur it may be necessary to take greater care with a longer fiber to avoid matting, damage to the fibers, and tangles.

Visual Comparison of Fabric Pile Lengths

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