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DIY Neoprene Gun Holster

Neoprene is a flexible, soft, water resistant material, made with synthetic rubber ideal for many projects. In this crafty DIY tutorial Big Z Fabric in collaboration with Isidora Designs shows us how to make a gun holster using Big Z Fabric’s neoprene fabric.

Neoprene Fabric is made of synthetic leather and for this project it is recommended that you order the 2mm thick neoprene sold here. The video is a quick guide to help you create your own holster as well. All you need is a template for your holster and a sewing machine. The project consists mostly of two elements including the holster itself and then the belt loop.

Why make a gun holster out of neoprene fabric

Anything that is meant to be used outdoors in any environment where it may get wet is suitable for neoprene. It is also a comfortable fabric that allows you to comfortably wear or place the accessory on your body. So a holster on your hip made out of neoprene will definitely be comfortable to wear. Another great aspect of neoprene is that it can be cut into templates like that shown in the video to facilitate a semi-rigid construction and shape. When sewn together it is also very sturdy for those same reasons.

Please let us know if you’ve taken the plunge to make your own holster or similar project on Facebook!

Happy Fathers Day creating!

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