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Embossing is a three-dimensional state usually used for signage, but who says it can’t be used to craft your favorite boots or vests? Made thoroughly from vinyl and sporting a felt backing, this material can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth to keep the iguana dot pattern looking shiny and new. Every yard sells for $11.99, lays out to cover a full 53 inches with zero stretching, and comes in four bold color choices.

This is actually an upholstery material, intent for things such as chair cushions and backing, but you can also use it for picture frames or to stitch yourself a purse. If you’re unafraid of washing it often, this would make an interesting table cloth that would double as a conversational piece, since vinyl is often water resistant.

A child’s bedroom could also be an excellent place to use this material for projects. Either use it as a removable wall covering, or set about building a soft headboard with matching tactile blankets. If you have scraps you don’t know what to do with, consider brightening up your cloths with patches or accessories. Build small gift bags, or craft unique key-chain ornaments that no one else has.

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