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We know Hanukkah as the Jewish Festival of Lights which is a time of joy and reflection. We all might be familiar with the traditional lighting of the menorah and the spinning of the dreidel… but if you look closely enough there is a subtle yet significant element that adds depth to the celebration: the traditional fabrics used in Hanukkah observances.

We wanted to take a moment and look into what might be some traditional types or uses of fabric during the holiday. What we realized is that we carry fabric that is perfect for Hannukah.

Velvet and Velour in Hanukkah:

Velvet and velour are often used in religious items within Judaism, and Hanukkah is no exception. These fabrics are commonly found in the making of Torah covers and are also used in Hanukkah decorations for their rich texture and appearance, adding an air of elegance to the festivities. What makes velvet and velour texture so great and appealing? Typically it is going to have a heavyweight to medium weight feeling to it with one side having a bright short micro pile face. This offers a fabric touch that feels like you’re touching something elegant and meaningful. When looked at through this analysis it would make sense why this fabric is so common in the holy celebrations.

Linen and Cotton:

Why are Linen and cotton included in this list? Because they are known for their purity and simplicity. This makes them significant in many religious holidays and are also significant in Hanukkah celebrations. These fabrics are traditionally used for making tablecloths and napkins, often embroidered with Hanukkah motifs like menorahs, dreidels, and stars. We do not carry traditional linen but do have some amazing selections for cotton and alternative linens including our Distressed Imitation Linen fabric. This is a light-weight, airy, 100% polyester fabric that feels much like linen but is a bit more durable. This is still a perfect tablecloth fabric at a fraction of the price. On the cotton side we have solid cottons and poly cottons that range in pattern, style, and weight. From lightweight to medium weight our cotton fabric options can suit any holiday celebration, including Hannukah.

Distressed Imitation Linen Fabric

A holiday steeped in tradition uses traditional fabric

We can see from the above that the most common types of fabric used in Hannukah celebrations are the types of fabric that we would probably associate as traditional. This should not be surprising that these fabrics have been carried through 1000’s of years and still exist today in similar forms and fashions. We hope that if you are celebrating Hannukah and are searching for fabric that you might consider our offerings.

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