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Built to last and feel great at the same time, the new DuroLast Suede fabric is perfect for your home and office. The Microfiber Suede Upholstery DuroLast Fabric is rubbed 75,000 times before it even shows wear. It has a color fastness level of 4 to 5. This type of soft, durable, bold fabric is great to create jeans, jackets, blankets, boots, and shoes. It’s ideal for upholstery on furniture and drapery. It’s also very easy to clean so it’s perfect if you have pets or kids. 

The Microfiber Passion Suede Upholstery DuroLast fabric is sold in continuous yards for as low as $6.99. It has a width of 58″ and does not stretch. This Suede is made from 100% Polyester. Some of the colors offered are Black, Aqua and Cafe. The durable, super soft, colorful DuroLast Suede fabric creates things to last decades.

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