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Did you know that wolf fur comes in different colors? Depending on where the wolf’s habitat is, the fur can look different. The same is the case for our faux fur in the color of Everest Wolf. This fur has a light color, featuring beige and yellow tones. The hairs darken towards the tip, while the inner sections are a soft yellow-white. The effect is a realistic portrayal of the outer and undercoat of a wolf. This fabric would be a wonderful option for any fur projects you have in mind that require a brighter look. Maybe you’d like to add some lighter trim to a dark coat, boots, or make a stuffed animal. Or, you could redecorate a section of your home. If so, why not give Faux Fake Fur Animal Short Pile Coat Costume Fabric / Everest Wolf a try?

This fabric has a width of 58/60″ and the pile length is 2 ½”. The fabric will not stretch, making it ideal for more sturdy projects. The fabric is 80% acrylic and 20% polyester. It is available for $30.99 per yard. Samples are $1 if you would like one


.wolf faux fur fabric

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