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The elegant Mayan Lace fabric features a beautiful damask design in beaded sequins and is sold at $59.00 per yard. The fabric is made from polyester and is 51″/52″ inches wide. It comes in many different colors including black, blush, burgundy, champagne, ivory, royal blue, and many others allowing for use in many different sewing projects. your imagination is your only limit.
This type of fabric with lace and beads can be used for many different purposes from clothing to decorating pieces. The elegant embroidery work adds a touch of sophistication to the design of any handbag or tablecloth.
The damask design would make a beautiful pattern for a dress or formal gown. The fabric would gracefully stand out at any formal gathering. The lace pattern would make a luxurious piece of lingerie.
You could also choose any of the numerous colors available to turn into a stunning and artistic curtain. Imagine the royal blue Mayan damask design draping over your window sill. The light shining through would dance and reflect off of the gorgeous beads.
Since the fabric is highly ornamented, one should take care with the threads of the beads. Due to the way the embellishments are sewn on, if a thread is pulled on a line of beads, they can continue to pull removing all the beads as you go. If any of the threads become loose, the trick is to preserve them as soon as possible. You could sew the loose line of beads in place with a few stitches or use a little tacky glue.
If your project’s goal is elegance, beauty, and/or sophistication, this Mayan lace fabric is perfect.

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Mayan Demask Beaded Sequins

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