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Easy Sewing Project: Simple Satin Bolero Jacket

A dressy bolero jacket is a staple for any closet; throw it over your shoulders for warmth with a strapless evening gown, or dress it down with a pair of jeans for a night on the town.

Give this simple sewing project a try, perfect for beginners or those simply short on time.

Things You’ll Need:

1 yard of Satin Fabric
1 yard of lining fabric
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Paper with 1-inch square grid
Pencil or marker
Straight pins

This simple sewing pattern has only 3 pieces; 1 back piece and 2 front pieces. You can find the sewing pattern pictured below.

For size and shape reference, the pattern has a grid that when sized up to 1-inch squares will fit a 36-inch Bust. Using 1-inch square paper, re-plot the points at the top, side and bottom and connect with gently-curving lines.

The pattern will need to be re-sized for a custom fit. (The width of the Back pattern piece should be about half your Bust measurement, plus 2 inches.)

Easy Sewing Project Simple Satin Bolero Jacket1

The width of the front pieces should be a little less than half the width of the back piece.

Easy Sewing Project Simple Satin Bolero Jacket2

Use the pattern pieces to cut 1 Back piece and 2 Front pieces from the satin fabric. Fold your fabric and half and be sure to cut the Back piece on the fold. This also ensures that the front pieces will be mirror images of one another once cut.

Easy Sewing Project Simple Satin Bolero Jacket3

Repeat the cutting of the (1) Back and (2) Front pieces from the lining fabric.

Pin the front pieces to the back piece- right sides of fabric together- at the shoulder seams. Stitch together with a ½ inch seam allowance. Do this for both fashion fabric and lining pieces

Easy Sewing Project Simple Satin Bolero Jacket4

Pin the front pieces to the back, still with right sides together, at the sides. Again, use ½ inch seam allowance. Stitch the sides. Again, do this for both the fashion and lining layers.

Easy Sewing Project Simple Satin Bolero Jacket5

Use a hot iron to press the shoulder and side seams open. This is an important step for all sewing projects, so that the layers of fabric lie together nice and flat.

Now we need to attach the lining layer to the outside layer of the bolero jacket. With right sides of the fabric together again, pin all along the neck, front, and bottom continuous edge. Be sure to line up the side seams and shoulder seams. Stitch along the entire edge.

Easy Sewing Project Simple Satin Bolero Jacket6

Turn the bolero right side out by pulling through one of the sleeves. Press the edges into place.

The final step is to finish the edges of the sleeves. Fold the edge of the lining and the edge of the fashion fabric under and pin into place. Once again, be sure to match up the seams. Slip stitch the sleeve lining into place by hand.

Use your iron to press all edges of the finished bolero jacket.

My Finished Simple Satin Bolero Jacket:

Easy Sewing Project: Simple Satin Bolero Jacket
Easy Sewing Project: Simple Satin Bolero Jacket

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