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When you dress up for New Year’s Eve, you want to make a splash. This is the night to go all out and wear something extravagant. Sequins are an easy way to glam up the evening. Options for pre-made sequined dresses are fairly limited, however. There are usually only a few colors and styles to choose from. Making your own dress from sequins fabric gives you access to a much broader range of colors and patterns, and you can create a design that no one else will be wearing.

Understated Florals

If you don’t want to sparkle like a disco ball, choose a fabric with subdued sequins. This one features a mesh design with embroidered flowers. Sequins are sewn into the flowers for a hint of glimmer. The gold and white color scheme is ideal for the holidays, but the fabric comes in a few different colorways. This is neutral enough for a family dinner or work party.

’60s Mod

For a flashy gown that’s sure to attract attention, go for a vintage mod look with this big dot sequin hologram mesh fabric. The large, reflective sequins will mirror the festivities and gleam with every move that you make. Holographic technology makes the colors shape-shift under different lights.

Ice Queen

Combining sequins with lace is a classic way to create an elegant New Year’s dress. This sequined lace fabric is reminiscent of Old Hollywood. It comes in a variety of festive tones, including champagne, red, silver, white and gold. The delicate pattern reminds us of snow and ice crystals, making it perfect for this time of year.

Delicate Hand-Beading

This celestial floral fabric features a refined floral pattern that’s created with sequined beads. It is suggestive of mistletoe or snowflakes. It comes in a variety of party-ready colors, but white beading on a white background would be ideal for a wintery gala.

Geometric and Bold

Chevron zig-zag mesh fabric makes a bold statement. It adapts well to form-fitting and structured silhouettes. The fuchsia option is radiant and audacious. The turquoise and aqua selections are toned down and evoke a crisp winter day.

Elegant and Organic

A wavy pattern of contrasting sequins looks dynamic as you move. This elegant formal sequins dress fabric invites you to twirl, sparkling brilliantly at every turn.

Tips for Sewing with Sequins Fabric

The beauty of sewing with sequins by the yard is that you don’t have to use a complicated pattern. In fact, simple lines and seams will streamline the process and produce a New Year’s Eve dress fairly quickly. There are even some ways to make a no-sew sequined dress  for New Year’s.

No matter what pattern you choose, don’t neglect the lining. Most sequins fabric has a mesh foundation. It may be see-through and chilly. A liner will add some substance to the material, keeping you covered and helping the fabric drape better. It will also feel more comfortable than the sequins fabric against your skin.

Sequins can dull your blades and needles. You might want to reserve a pair of scissors for your sequins fabric projects, and you should avoid using a serger on this material.

If you’re worried that a fully sequined gown will be over the top, spice up other fabrics with sequins by the yard. You could add wholesale sequins fabric to the hem or make a statement belt to wrap around a simple body-conscious dress. We also carry several fabrics that feature a sparse dusting of sequins instead of a full panel of them.

At Big Z Fabric, we carry wholesale sequins and gorgeous sequins fabric to make unique New Year’s dresses. Our sequins by the yard are more unique than what you generally see in stores. You may be astonished by the wide range of available patterns. The hardest part about making your holiday gown will be choosing only one fabric to work with.

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