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When a customer tags us on social media with something special that they have made, we try to say “thank you” by resharing the content.  We hope other followers get inspired and get in touch with their muse as well.  The images and videos and carousels are wonderful and definitely the highlight of customers’ posts but we often times find OUR INSPIRATION in the captions and text. 


How Customers Drive Our Fabric Selections


If you look closely enough you will find feedback in social media posts from customers.  This isn’t necessarily the squeaky wheel raising their frustration at lost orders, delays, etc (although these certainly do get our attention…pro-tip our online chat and telephones are NEVER staffed by bots so when we connect with you it’s always a human being there to help you).  No, sometimes we find meaningful cues in the captions.

For example, a customer will say “I would have used the grey from @BigZFabric as well but their dark is too dark and their light is too light.  I needed something in the middle.”


Chances are if one customer had this need unfulfilled there are others as well. 


Now We Can Collect Your Fabric Suggestions


Our old process only facilitated our social team forwarding these messages to our leadership team for consideration.  But what about those that never found a reason to post (or don’t post on social media) or are not the type of personality that would post?  We needed to have a way to facilitate more user feedback and suggestions to help us make decisions on our next fabric selection and manufacturing.

So we launched a very simple but highly centralized way to accommodate all feedback.  It’s simple…we made a FORM!  We know…we know… this seems like a very sophisticated and custom way to collect feedback but trust us when we say we think it will catch on….

Jokes aside, we have also linked this form up to our footer on our website.  We will use this to point customers moving forward when they have ideas, complaints, feedback, etc.  So please…if you’re reading this and want to see a special type of fabric, send it our way.  We review and consider all suggestions.  Then, perhaps, we will send out a post notification that your feedback was incorporated into our next fabric and is ready to buy online!

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