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We often think of the bright lights and colorful decorations when we think of Christmas. The light shows, decorations, and decor have all become a part of Christmas that everyone gets to enjoy and partake in regardless of their faith or nationality. A huge part of these shows of cheer is fabric. You may not realize it, but some fabrics are traditionally used and show up around the world while celebrating Christmas.

The rich tradition of Velvet Fabric during Christmas

Velvet is a staple Christmas fabric. Its luxurious texture and deep colors, especially reds and greens, embody the richness of the season. Whether it’s in the form of stockings hung by the fireplace or elegant table runners, velvet adds a touch of opulence to Christmas décor. Sometimes velvet bows are used as elegant present wraps. Velvet is great because of it’s sturdiness and richness of texture. It can be used as the primary textile or in accent areas.

We carry a variety of velvet fabrics that can be considered when shopping for your Christmas decorations and projects:

Crushed Stretch Velvet

Stretch Velvet Spandex 360g

Solid Butter Velvet Drapery Upholstery

Crush Flocking Upholstery Velour

Flannel, a decidedly Christmas fabric

Open Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram on any Christmas day and what do you see? Flannel! A flannel Christmas pj picture is a new tradition that is extremely popular. Flannel is a great winter and Christmas day fabric because of its softness and warmth… perfect for colder December nights. Christmas-themed flannel pajamas and bedding make for cozy nights, while flannel shirts are a popular choice for casual festive gatherings.

Heavy Tartan Plaid Uniform Apparel Flannel

Small Plain Flower Print Flannel

Solid Flannel

Tartan Plaid Uniform Apparel Flannel

Sparkling Sequins and Satin

Of course, Christmas is about some glitter and sparkle too. Christmas lights need to twinkle off something after all! Or, perhaps you celebrate with a formal dinner and need a gown. For those who prefer a bit of sparkle, sequins and satin are go-to choices for Christmas. Sequin-adorned fabrics are often used in Christmas party attire, while satin ribbons and tablecloths add a smooth and shiny texture to the holiday aesthetics.

These are actually some of our best selling fabrics. We have a huge selection to choose from, including:

Big Rain Drop 3/8″ Sequin Mesh

Mini Disc Sequin Nylon Mesh

Big Dot Sequin Hologram Mesh

Solid Shiny Bridal Satin

Dull Bridal Satin

Crinkle Crepe Back Satin Spandex

The story of Christmas fabric is as old as it is new

The fabrics of Christmas are as integral to the holiday as the tree and the gifts. They are a tactile representation of the warmth, comfort, and joy that the season brings. As you wrap yourself in a flannel blanket or set your table with a velvet runner, remember that these fabrics are part of a rich tapestry of Christmas traditions.

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