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If you want a fabric that can resist the wear and tear of the sun, rain, or small children, this acrylic fabric could be just what is needed for your projects. Available in a width of sixty inches and eleven different colors, each $13.50 yard is dyed with a solution to retain the color you buy.

Both water and sun proof, it requires only regular cleaning to prevent it from mildewing thanks to dirt or debris that may find themselves on it. As a result, it has a fair measure of uses both outside and inside the home. It can be made into tablecloths or water-proof cushions for your furniture, into table parasols or handheld umbrellas.

This fabric can be used to protect your home from art projects, made into porch covers with relative little trouble, or turned into car, boat and grill covers with a bit more dedication and a strong sewing needle. Darker shades will obviously soak up the sun’s heat more than lighter colors, leaving it and possibly whatever is protected underneath warmer than normal.

If you end up with scrap strips, there’s nothing wrong with braiding them together to make a toy rope for yard animals.

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Canvas Dyed Acrylic Waterproof Outdoor Fabric

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