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Sixty inches wide and made out of pure cotton, yards of this naturally colored fabric range between $2.95 and $10.75 a yard, depending on the weight and volume bought. They are wind- and water-proof yet receptive to reactive dyes, double woven for durability and surface texture.
Canvas is a versatile material known throughout the crafting world.

Painters use it as drop cloth to catch spilled paint, or it can be stretched and anchored to wooden frames for your own art projects, and the medium most recommended for canvas work is oil-based paints. In metal- and wood-shops, canvas is also used to cover equipment or works in progress, and for shipwrights it makes magnificent sails or canvas canoes and kayaks. In the music industry, it does well for backdrops and sound barriers, and theater uses it for stage work. Photographers can use it to make memories last on cloth instead of paper.

However, canvas can be used for more things than just those. Seamstresses use it to make backpacks, pillows covers, tents and even clothes, such as utility uniforms, winter clothing or project clothes if you want something unique. It is used to reupholster furniture, make tablecloths, rugs and even curtains.

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