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We recently sponsored a video with Scotty / Waffles! that we would love to share with you!

Follow Waffles at @wafflesdoesart on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube and join along as he takes you through the process of creating all the components of a full fursuit!

I Build A Bodysuit From Scratch” Waffles continued his series “Building a Fursuit from Scratch” to focus on teaching others how to make a full bodysuit with some great tips to help anyone looking to tackle a similar project.

Duct Tape … to the rescue!

The video begins with Waffles introducing the concept of a fursuit bodysuit created with the use of a duct tape dummy (DTD) as a cost-effective method to create a mannequin of their body. The plan for the episode is to create a pattern for the bodysuit using the DTD as a reference.

How & what Faux Fur to use?

Waffles dives into the topic of fur selection and the role of the sponsor of the video (us!) in fursuit making. He discusses the importance of choosing the right type of fur for a fursuit and the factors to consider, such as durability and appearance. Our sponsored spot focused on how Big Z Fabric faux fur is

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Shavable
  • Has the perfect colors
  • and is available in color card swatches

Tools & Materials you need handy

Waffles provides an overview of the essential tools and materials needed for building a fursuit next. He discusses the importance of having a well-equipped workspace and introduces various tools such as sewing machines, hot glue guns, and scissors. Again he emphasizes the importance of quality materials, including fur fabric :). Also don’t forget to be safe and listen to all the tips to keep your fingers, eyes, and lungs safe while cutting faux fur!

Getting on with the fursuit making!

The rest of the video walks you through all the actual making of the fursuit including patterns, cutting, sewing, etc. Beyond the how-to of the basics Waffles also shows the process of attaching the fur pattern components together while giving you tips and considerations to keep in mind as you’re moving through the process.

You really should check out the video and let Waffles know what you think! He is pretty active in the comments and we love seeing the engagement!

Finally, once again, we really appreciated the opportunity to sponsor this video and love how it came out. Great job Waffles!

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