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Snuggling up in a fluffy, impossibly soft coat is our dream come true when the weather turns chilly. But even though the look of fur is gorgeous and transformative in fashion, faux fur is the luxurious way to get that unforgettably silky feeling that only fur-like fabrics can give. And while Faux fur is a compassionate fashion choice, this playful textile also provides an eco-friendly way to make fashion fun with outrageous or subdued colors. We love the look of EcoShag’s baby blue faux fur fabric that guarantees the amazing look and feel of fur in an unexpected baby blue hue. So why should you choose faux fur over the real thing?

Because You Love Animals

When you choose to wear that adorable baby blue faux fur jacket instead of one made of animal pelts, you are not only making a daring fashion choice. Wearing a coat made of baby blue faux fur fabric shows the world how much you admire our animal friends. Faux fur is made without harming any animals, giving you the look and feel of adorable, fluffy animals without worrying about the impact of your fashion choice on our furry friends.

Because You Love to Have Fun

Anyone who would consider fluffy blue faux fur fashion already has a playful fashion sense, that much is certain! But that is the captivating part of grabbing anything made of man-made fur fabric: the possibilities that come from combining beautiful colors and soft, silky fur are only as limited as your imagination. Not a fan of a baby blue faux fur coat? Faux fur looks just as stunning on all kinds of clothing and accessories as well as on cheeky room decorations. Nothing is as luxurious as walking barefoot across a silky-smooth faux fur rug but wearing some of the fluffy fabric is a great way to enjoy the velvety feel of the faux fur all year round.

Because You Love the Environment

It makes you feel good knowing that your fashion choices are good for the environment. EcoShag’s faux furs are made on eco-friendly machines that minimize textile waste and do not contribute harmful chemicals to the environment in the manufacturing process. Knowing your adorable baby blue faux fur jacket was created in a textile mill carefully chosen by EcoShag for its commitment to the environment is just another reason you will love your faux fur fashion. Made with 100% acrylic, the faux fur fabric is made to be soft and fluffy and is built to last for years to come. Loving the environment is easy with EcoShag’s fun fake fur fabrics that come in a kaleidoscope of color choices from baby blue to brilliant pinks, purples, and golds and everything in between.

Choosing Fabulous Faux Fur

Let’s face it, fake fur is not just fun, great for the environment and kind to already-endangered animals. Faux fur is fabulous! A highly versatile textile, fake fur looks stunning on coats, wraps, hats, bags and just about anything you can think of. Fake fur is always in season, and the available color choices of this playful textile make it a great fabric option for anyone seeking a little fun and softness in their life.

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