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Our classic Neoprene Fabric is perfect for creating affordable high quality gun holsters. Also is perfect for athletic items, personalized laptop and cellphone cases & more. In this tutorial your favorite DIY girl is going to make a simple but useful gun holster with our 2mm neoprene fabric. Follow the steps and discover how easy is to work with our Neoprene Fabric..

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Crafting a neoprene gun holster requires careful step-by-step work. Using the right materials and following these instructions will result in a highly functional and stylish gun holster. Here’s a guide on how to create a neoprene gun holster:


  • Neoprene fabric: Synthetic rubber, ideally two millimeters thick, with a bonded sponge and polyester adhered to both sides.
  • Two pattern pieces: One for the holster and one for the belt loop.
  • Sewing machine with an overlocking function
  • Single needle for stitching
  • A strap and magnetic snap

Step 1: Prepare the Pattern Pieces

Prepare two pattern pieces, one for the holster and the other for the belt loop. Both pieces will need to be overlocked for a clean finish. To overlock, lift the foot of the sewing machine and stitch both pieces.

Step 2: Attach the Belt Loop

The belt loop should be positioned about half an inch down and in from the edge of the holster. Once the belt loop is correctly positioned and straight, pin it in place for easier sewing. Remember to pin within the stitch area to avoid puncturing visible holes in the neoprene.

Step 3: Secure the Belt Loop

After pinning, use a single needle to stitch across the belt loop and back down, thereby securing it to the holster.

Step 4: Add Finishing Stitches

To reinforce the holster, sew two rows of straight stitches on the top and bottom edges of the holster. This ensures the holster is secure and sturdy.

Step 5: Add the Final Touch

Finally, add the strap to hold the gun securely. This strap should be securely attached to the holster, and a magnetic snap should be added for easy access.

This guide aims to make the process of creating a neoprene gun holster as easy as possible. Should there be any need for fabric materials or further assistance, Big Z Fabric is a resourceful outlet that offers a wide array of fabric and has a friendly staff ready to assist. They can be reached toll-free at 844-244-9322. For suggestions on future crafting projects, emails can be sent to suggestions@bigzfabric.com. Happy crafting!

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