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Envelope Pillow Cover
Skill Level: Basic
Time: 1 hour

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Back
Envelope Pillow Cover Back

If you are like me, you may like to decorate and rearrange until you are blue in the face. But what’s the point of buying the same things over and over again when you can just re-purpose the stuff you already have? Throw pillows are one such item that make a wonderful splash in your décor and which can be re-purposed again and again to meet your every whim. The envelope pillow cover is one of the quickest and easiest ways to decorate your pillows. So, on your marks, get set, SEW!

• Needle/Thread or sewing machine
• Scissors
• Measuring tape
• Pillow
• Cotton fabric

• Gather your materials and measure your pillow.*
o Add 1 inch to the width.

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Step 1
Envelope Pillow Cover Step 1

o Multiply the length by 2 then add 6 inches to that number.
• Create a hem along the short side of the fabric by creating a .5 inch crease and then turning the fabric over another .5 inch and sewing along the edge.
o Do the same to the other short side.

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Step 2
Envelope Pillow Cover Step 2

• Lay your fabric right side up, and place your pillow in the center.
• Fold the fabric over your pillow, pin the flaps together on each side, remove the pillow (you will have to unpin one side to do this), and then pin the fabric together along the edges on each side.

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Step 3
Envelope Pillow Cover Step 3

• While your cover is wrong side out, sew along the edges (you have a .5 inch seam allowance).
• Flip the cover right side out and insert your pillow.

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Step 4
Envelope Pillow Cover Step 4

*Measurement Example:
My pillow was 18×18
My fabric was 42×19

The wonderful pillow case

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Front
Envelope Pillow Cover Front

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