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Do you need cuttings and remnants of fabrics for your crafting, decorating, or sewing projects? Well, Big Z Fabrics has got you covered! They have creative scrap boxes with assorted fabric cut-outs suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to buy yards of fabric. You can find scraps assembled by category and in mix & match! 

What Is In The Scrap Box?

Each 16-inch x 16-inch x 16-inch scrap box contains at least 10-15 pieces of fabric of variable lengths. The fabric pieces are in Irregular shapes and sizes, from small to medium. Exact measurements vary with each new batch. HOWEVER, the scrap pieces will typically be in 1 yard, half yard, or quarter yard pieces.


The scrap boxes are assorted according to the fabric type like fleece, faux fur, vinyl, minky, etc. You will also find a variety of different fabrics in a single box when you purchase the assorted scrap boxes. The leftover fabric comes from the end cuts of rolls and single yard purchases.  Sometimes there is a hole in the fabric that we can’t cut around so that portion of the fabric is put into the scrap pile.

Big Z Fabrics offers many different colors, but the stock varies according to the scraps available by the end of each week. So, if you don’t find what you want, check-in regularly to see what is in stock.

Why Buy Scrap Boxes?

Faux fabrics are luxurious yet economical. They also offer an ethical alternative with the same feel and look like the real fabric but without the cruelty. Therefore, most people opt for faux fabrics now. Some buy by the yard or continuous yards of fabrics, but some only need cut-outs and pieces. This is where fabric scraps come in handy. 

Fabrics scraps and remnants are perfect for crafting, sewing, clothing, upholstery, etc. You can use the smaller pieces for doll’s hair, flying fishing, fluffy slides, etc. At the same time, the bigger pieces come in handy to make pillow covers, mats, basket stuffers, sofa throws, and much more.

The backing on all fabrics by Big Z Fabrics is strong, making it easy to cut, pin, staple, and sew through. Furthermore, selling scraps is environmentally friendly as it reduces wastage and promotes recycling/upcycling. So, get your hands on a scrap box because you’ll be saving the planet while you create something fun and exciting! 

Price Of Scrap Boxes? 

The price of scrap boxes ranges from $10 to $50, depending upon the type of fabric. However, rest assured that they are offered at the lowest possible price for all the creative hobbyists and crafters!

Wrapping Up 

Do you need tiny pieces of fur, faux leather, fleece, or any other fabric but don’t want to purchase a whole yard? Get a scrap box from Big Z Fabrics. Check out the store now!

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