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Available in ten unique colors, this fabric is made up of circular sequins arranged in a geometric, Mayan-themed pattern that is secured on translucent mesh. The edges are finished and the width is set from 53 to 59 inches, with a bit of non-sequined space on both sides for working room. It has a good four-way stretch so it will work well for form-fitting garments, such as prom dresses, or you could use the material for veils or trains on a gown.

The pattern is repeating and not terribly gigantic, so it is possible to cut it for smaller projects without losing too much of the pattern, so it could be easily affixed to purses or wallets, or used to decorate walls or lamp shades.

Every yard sells for $32.00 despite the shade, so it might be a little expensive to use on casual clothes, though it would make an excellent design to a whole host of them, adding a bit of dazzle to jeans or reinvigorating an old sweater with new life.

Remembered that this is sequins and thin mesh, so it’s not recommended for heavy use projects like furniture or work clothes. It could make beautiful curtains though.

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geometric sequins collage

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