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They say a leopard cannot change its spots, but that hardly matters when it can change the colors instead. Luckily these spots come in ten distinct colors, all of them made of tiny sequins stitched onto a see-through mesh. Finished edges make this fabric stop at 54 to 56 inches wide, but each yard is only $24.99 and the spots range in sizes, with some of the largest being only two inches.

With this kind of range, it becomes useful for all sorts of projects. The sequins will shine and sparkle on any surface you put the cloth on, or the fabric can be worn like a veil. A dedicated and careful seamstress could cut each spot out and use it individually to touch up pants, shirts and handbags, while larger swaths could be cut for use in costumes, skirts and dresses, either on a complimentary color or a subtle pattern.

Regardless of what it’s placed on, the mesh does match the sequin color and will shade whatever’s underneath. Make sure to double check that it looks how you want it to before putting in your final stitches in, because undoing your threads might be a little tricky on mesh.

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