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Whether you’re looking for fabric for clothing or draperies, or outdoor use, the essential thing is to be accurate about the measurements.

So, how big is a yard of fabric?

The correct answer is 36 inches or 3 feet, to be precise.

Also, we would like to mention that the yard of a fabric refers to the length only. The width may range from 36 inches to 108 inches or more for any fabric, depending on the type of fabric you need. And the changes in width can affect the overall size of the yard of your fabric.

If you’re buying a piece of fabric by square feet, you will have to convert the length and width of the fabric into feet and then multiply them to get the total square footage of the fabric. 

For example:

If your fabric is 60 inches wide and 36 inches long, we will first divide these numbers by 12 (as 1 foot = 12 inches). 

The result is 60/12 = 5 feet and 36/12 = 3 feet.

Now, 5*3 = 15 square feet.

That’s how you get the full square footage of your fabric. 

But keep in mind that many fabrics have unfinished edges, which means your usable width will be 2 inches less at times; therefore, do the calculations accordingly!

We hope this little guide will come in handy the next time you measure a fabric!

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