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Faux fur, commonly referred to as fake fur or pile fabric, is artificial fur made to serve the purposes initially served by animal fur. With people seeing the need to conserve wildlife more, faux fur was considered to substitute animal fur, which in most cases encouraged the killing of the animals to serve their purposes. Faux fur is commonly used in homes as decoration and also as a fashion accessory.

Unlike animal fur, fake fur is easy to sew, and also it does not require to be stored under specific temperatures; neither is it prone to getting destroyed by moths. Faux fur has increased its popularity since, in many countries, people are being discouraged from using animal fur to conserve animals. Here the focus will be on the advantages of one over the other and the same benefits on you as a camper or a hiker.

Cleaning and care

Faux fur is better in terms of cleaning compared to animal fur. When it comes to products made out of animal fur, the manufacturers of the products, in most cases, have many complex instructions to be followed to ensure that these products last longer and still maintain their beauty. Animal fur products cannot be washed using a machine at home. They have to be taken to dry cleaning establishments which have special facilities for washing them and also know how to handle them.

For faux fur, cleaning them is very easy. The faux fur is used in making children’s stuff, and you know how children can make them dirty, but their cleaning and storage are basic. With your typical home washing machine, you launder them, and this will help you save money you would otherwise have to pay for dry cleaning.

This implies that when hiking or camping, the fur is likely to become easily dirtied. Depending on the frequency of the camping means that the materials have to be washed frequently, and as mentioned, faux would be better in terms of frequent washing than animal fur.


Animal fur is costly to acquire and process to come up with a final product. Except when received via illegal means such as poaching, obtaining animal fur is also very difficult. Therefore, these expenses are reciprocated in the selling price, and consequently, they become costly.

Pile fabric, on the other hand, is considered relatively cheap to acquire. Made from a blend of acrylic and polyesters fibers, which are highly available, faux fur becomes very available in a faux fur wholesale market. The increased availability comes hand in hand with lower prices and improved faux fur discounts. Still, it gives you a natural look.

Here, choosing which fur material to purchase for hiking and camping depends on how heavy your pockets are. While camping and hiking, you are likely to require warmer materials which make animal fur relatively better.


As pointed out earlier, animal fur requires very special storage and cleaning facilities. This means that the owner is supposed to be cautious when dealing with it, and whenever you are not careful in the maintenance of the fabric, it will wear out quickly.

On the other hand, Faux fur is very durable as it does not require as much caution in maintenance, washing, and storing because it can easily withstand any condition.

Resistance to Frost

Faux fur has a functional disadvantage over animal fur as it is not resistant to frost. Animal fur, especially fur made from wolf fur or polar bear fur, has a unique quality that makes it resistant to frost and therefore cannot be soaked quickly. This makes animal fur more reasonable to use when hiking, mountain climbing, or skiing, especially during extreme weather conditions. Therefore, faux fur in such situations will hardly provide warmth, while animal fur will provide the required heat.

Therefore, when visiting such areas where you are likely to encounter frosty conditions for your camping or hiking purposes, animal fur is a perfect choice for you compared to faux fur.

Environmental Advantage

More than others, Hikers and campers know how important the environment is to them and therefore decide on which fur to purchase to suit their purposes. Faux Furs save animal lives and maintain ecosystem cohesion. Our EcoShag is also manufactured to have the minimal amount of waste and byproducts possible. You’re saving an animal’s life, protecting ecosystems, and buying responsibly when you shop our Faux Fur Fabrics.

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