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Back in mid-September we made a simple social poll of 8 new color options to add to our Shaggy Faux Fur line. The response you all had to the poll was impressive! Over 1000 of you made your preferences heard!

The Results…Which New Color Won?

Results by Social Media Network: 3 New Shaggy Faux Fur Colors

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Go To…

The new Shaggy Faux Fur colors we are adding to our line are those that received the most votes across all social networks. So, as you can see in the graph above, the top vote receivers are:

FIRST PLACE: “E” a lime/yellow green. Many of you added comments to this vote as well because you all have been looking for a color just like this. We hope adding it to our store will allow you to get all the colors and fabrics you need now in one place!

SECOND PLACE: “F” a light purple/blue. Kind of a pastel purple… again an option that you all were super excited about. You can see from the vote total just how much more popular this and the first place vote were than the rest. The gap between first and second is much smaller than the gap between second place and third place….

THIRD PLACE: “C” a saturated teal blue! BY ONE VOTE! It hurts knowing that we are only adding three new colors when the 3rd/4th place choice are separated by only 1 vote. But… for now that is what it is. We love the C option though and are super excited for it in our own right!

We will keep you all posted on when these arrive from the manufacturer and into our warehouse. Please continue to participate in our social polls because they really do help us stock and order and create the right fabrics for you all. You’ll notice, as well, that Facebook doesn’t play a huge roll in these polls but remember that if you were to vote over there, then you’d get 2 votes! So maybe if you’re really passionate then you will join us over there as well!

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