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For upholstery fabric for your boat seats, car seats or outdoor furniture, you need a sturdy  marine vinyl fabric. And here’s everything you need to know about it.

Let your car and boat seats outlive you with our Marine Vinyl fabric!

A Complete Guide to the Purchase and Usage of Marine Vinyl

When it comes to choosing a fabric for our house furniture, bed linen, or clothing, we go far and wide to search for the perfect material, design, color, and texture.

However, during the process, we tend to ignore the upholstery fabric for our backyard furniture, car, or anything that requires outdoor usage.

Outdoor upholstery projects don’t require regular upholstery fabric; they need something non-abrasive, durable, crack-resistant, weather and sun-proof, like marine vinyl fabric exclusively for boat seats, car seats, and outdoor use.

What is Marine Vinyl Fabric?

To put it simply, marine vinyl fabric is a well-built fabric that you can use for various outdoor and indoor upholstery and other decor projects. We are emphasizing more on outdoor use because not all fabrics can sustain harsh weather and external elements like exposure to the sun, water, and rough usage.

However, vinyl marine is waterproof, fireproof, and heat-resistant and can live through wear and tear and other external factors like mold growth.

So, what is it that makes marine vinyl so resilient? What is it made of?

What is Marine Vinyl Made of?

Marine vinyl fabric is made of polyester and PVC. The face of the material is made of PVC, while the backing is made of polyester.
But we don’t just leave it at that; we use SEM Marine Vinyl Coat, a special marine vinyl protectant, on the fabric’s surface for an extra coat of protection so it can withstand harsh elements found near fresh or salt water.

What is Marine Vinyl Used for?

With such built-to-last features, the vinyl marine fabric is an ideal material for use in a marine environment, like upholstery for boats, awnings, cars, and backyard furniture.

  • Marine Vinyl for Boat Seats/Car Seats is exposed to harsh weathering like sun, wind, water, and salt, which can cause its color to fade and the fabric to tear. But high-quality and durable marine vinyl can withstand all these factors with ease.
  • Commercial/In-House Use: This fabric is not only specific to outdoor use but also suitable for personal and commercial use, like in hospitals and houses. It makes for a sturdy upholstery option for armchairs, sofas, and headboards.
  • Clothing and Accessories: Due to the versatile nature of the marine vinyl fabric, you can also use it to make clothing accessories, bags, purses, and shoes.

Now that you know all about marine vinyl, let us tell you about premium, high-quality marine vinyl fabric, available only at Big Z Fabric.


Aquaguard Crocodile Marine Vinyl
Solid AquaGuard Marine Vinyl
carbon fiber marine vinyl category image
Carbon Fiber Marine Vinyl
Clear Plastic Vinyl Marine Grade Category Image
Marine Grade Clear Plastic Vinyl

Big Z Fabric’s Marine Vinyl

Big Z Fabric offers a wide range of marine vinyl fabrics in various colors and textures to fit your every need.


The marine vinyl fabric available at our online store is not your regular marine vinyl fabric; it’s a special marine grade vinyl upholstery fabric that is:


  • Waterproof
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-UV
  • Fire-resistant
  • Prop65 compliant

We use special PVC material to make our marine vinyl upholstery with a polyester backing to make it sturdy enough to withstand more than 100,000 double rubs. If you ask us, that’s quite an impressive number!


But what makes our marine vinyl unique is its 0.95mm thickness, 54” width, and intricately woven spider weave backing to minimize cracking from wear and tear, sun exposure, and other external elements.


Big Z offers 2 varieties of marine vinyl fabric in different textures and colors:


1. AquaGuard ® Marine Vinyl


The AquaGuard Marine Vinyl fabric is specifically for boat seat covers, car seat covers, and outdoor furniture upholstery. However, you can also use it for commercial upholstery projects and in-house furniture. It is available in more than 30 colors and is slightly textured to give it that rugged vinyl look.


It is waterproof, fireproof, and anti-UV. Plus, the PVC and polyester fabric keeps mold and mildew growth at bay.


2. Aquaguard® Crocodile Marine Vinyl Fabric


Big Z Fabric’s Aquaguard Crocodile Marine Vinyl fabric is an exclusive fabric with a crocodile pattern, making it look just like real crocodile skin! It’s 0.95mm thickness makes it a sturdy option for marine environments like boat seats, awnings, curtains, car seats, and upholstery for furniture used in passenger ships and cruises.

It is available in 18 beautiful colors with an intricate crocodile skin texture, making it perfect for outdoor use, as well as for fashion accessories like bags, purses, and shoes.

This rugged and heavy-duty super fabric remains unaffected by water, fire, wind, and other external factors.

At Big Z Fabrics, you can get marine vinyl by the yard and in continuous yards at a competitive price

Big Z Fabric’s Marine Vinyl Vs. Other Brands

We believe that quality fabric goes a long way! Therefore, we ensure that our marine vinyl fabric is of superior quality and reasonably priced.

If you’re still contemplating whether you should go for Big Z’s marine vinyl, here’s a comparison table to help you make an informed decision:

  Big Z Fabric Marine Vinyl Fabric Sailrite Joann Fabric Warehouse

Marine Vinyl: $7.75/yard

Crocodile Marine Vinyl: $11.89/yard

$8.9 per yard $22.95 per yard $24.99 per yard $12.98 per yard
Samples $1.50 Free $2 for 6×6   $3 for 2×6

Crocodile Marine Vinyl


– Anti-mildew

– Anti-fungus

– Waterproof

– PVC face and polyester backing

– 100,000 double rubs

– Width: 54”

– Thickness/Gauge: 0.95mm

– Weight: 35 oz/yard

– Prop65 compliant

– UFreighttance: > 650 hours

Flexa Marine Vinyl

– Anti-mildew

– Anti-fungus

– Waterproof

– PVC face and knit polyester backing

– 250,000 double rubs

– Width: 54”

– Thickness/Gauge: 0.95mm

– Weight: 30 oz/yard

– Prop65 disclaimer

– UV resistance: > 500 hours

Eversoft Marine Vinyl


– Anti-mildew

– Anti-fungus

– Waterproof

– Vinyl face and polyester tricot backing

– 100,000 double rubs

– Width: 54”

– Thickness/Gauge: 0.50mm

– Weight: 21.3 oz/yard

– Prop65 warning

– UV resistant

Capitano Marine Vinyl


– Anti-mildew

– Anti-fungus

– Waterproof

– PU face and polyester backing

– 50,000 double rubs

– Width: 54”

– Weight: Medium

– UV resistance > 300 hours

Marine Vinyl Fabric


– Stain resistant

– Waterproof

– PVC face and vinyl backing

– Width: 54”

– Weight: Heavy

– UV resistant to some extent



Marine Vinyl

– Marine/Outdoor Upholstery

– Boat Seating

– Auto Upholstery

– Commercial Upholstery – Bags/Purses

– Headboards Frames

– Pillows

– Headboards

– Shoe Accessories

– Clothing Accessories

– Furniture

– Other Upholstery – Applications

Crocodile Marine Vinyl


– Upholstery Accessories – Automotive Seating

– Drapery

– Commercial Use

– Boating

– Shoes

– Decorations

– Boat Seats

– Restaurant Booth – Table Coverings

– Car Seats

– Golf Cart Seats

– Purses

– Bank Bags

– Gym Mats/Pads

– Grill Covers

– Barstool Seating

– RV seating

– RV Skirting

– Tire Covers

– Punching Bags

– Bibs

– Upholstery

– Outdoor Furniture


– Workout Equipment

– Easy Clean Baby Changing Tables

– Belts

– Soft Kids Play Blocks

– Kids Smocks

-Easy Clean Aprons

– Hospital Waiting Room Chairs

– Hospital Exam Tables

– Airport Terminal Seats

– Theater Seats

– Massage Tables

– Golf Club Covers

– Key Fobs

– Wallets

– Coasters

– Appliqué Designs – Luggage Tags

– Inhaler Cases


– Snap Cases

– Notebook Covers

– Hooded Towels

– Snap Trays Zipper – Bags

– Ornaments

– Exterior Upholstery

– Headliners

– Hull Liners

– Auto Upholstery

– Powersport Upholstery

– RV Headliners

– Boat upholstery

– Other heavy-duty indoor and outdoor upholstery

– Crafts and industrial projects

– Auto and marine upholstery

– Restaurant booths

-Massage tables

– Gym equipments

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Marine vinyl fabric is widely used for different purposes, like the ones mentioned earlier. Due to this, customers often face issues and seek answers and solutions.

Therefore, we decided to pick the most common queries and answer them for your convenience and satisfaction.

FAQs about Marine Vinyl Fabric

Here are some common questions regarding marine vinyl fabric that might come in handy if you’re thinking of buying it:

How thick is marine vinyl?

Most marine vinyl fabrics are 0.5mm to 1.5mm thick. However, if the material is too thin, it does not serve the purpose well, and a fabric that’s too thick would be a bit tricky to work with. Therefore, at Big Z, our marine upholstery vinyl is 0.95mm thick, which is the ideal thickness.

How to get stains out of marine vinyl fabric?

Vinyl marine fabric is very easy to clean; in fact, it’s the easiest to clean of all marine fabrics! You just need to give it a good scrub using soap and water, and it will be as good as new!

How to install marine vinyl upholstery?

Installing marine vinyl upholstery is not as difficult as you might think. Following are 5 simple steps to help you get the basics of installing it:

Step 1: Measure the boat/car seat or furniture that requires upholstering. If you’re replacing old fabric with new, it’s better to remove the old fabric and measure the new marine vinyl cloth according to the measurements of the old one.

Step 2: Cut the marine vinyl fabric and foam according to the measurements.

Step 3: Now lay the fabric on a leveled surface, place the foam on it, followed by the seat base. Make sure everything is in the center of the marine vinyl fabric.

Step 4: Stretch the marine upholstery vinyl over the seat base, making sure it fits snuggly over the foam. With the help of a staple gun, secure everything in place without any wrinkles on the fabric.

Step 5: Once the upholstery process is finished, apply marine vinyl protectant on the surface for a nice long-lasting sheen to protect the fabric from UV radiation, premature aging, and cracking.

And that’s how you install marine vinyl upholstery!

How to sew marine vinyl?

You can sew marine vinyl just like other fabrics; however, due to its thickness, sometimes you might require an industrial sewing machine. For needles, we suggest using #16, #17, #18, #21 and #22 size needles. And, if you plan on using the marine vinyl fabric for outdoor use, don’t forget to use V-69 or V-92, or BT-92 bonded UV polyester thread.

How to stretch marine vinyl?

You need a heat gun to stretch marine vinyl. Here are the steps for it:

  • Pin the fabric in place using a staple gun.
  • Stretch the marine vinyl fabric over the surface you’re covering.
  • Gently heat it with the heat gun at lowest setting.
  • As you apply heat to the marine vinyl fabric, it will form an airtight fitting against the surface you’re covering.

How to cut marine vinyl?

As marine vinyl fabric is a bit thick, you can cut is using:

  • Fabric scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Razor blade knife
  • Cutting machines (Silhouette Cameo or Circuit)

What is the best marine vinyl protectant?

There are many marine vinyl protectants out there; however, here are some of the best ones:

What is the difference between marine vinyl and regular vinyl?

Marine vinyl and regular vinyl are the same fabrics; however, as vinyl marine is used for outdoor upholstery purposes, it has 2 additional features. It has UV protection to keep the fabric from fading or tearing due to weathering, and it has anti-fungal properties to keep it clean and hygienic in case of exposure to water and moisture.

What thread to use for marine vinyl?

We recommend using a V-69 or V-92 or BT-92 bonded UV polyester thread for marine vinyl fabric.


Marine vinyl fabric is the go-to material for outdoor upholstery, especially boats and cars. However, it is quite versatile so you can easily use it personal and commercial use as well.

You’ll find plenty of marine vinyl suppliers, but if you’re looking for a reliable company that offers high-quality marine vinyl rolls by the yard at affordable prices, Big Z Fabric is the best. We have Prop65 compliant marine vinyl fabric in various designs and colors, so you can be sure about its durability and longevity.

So, head over to our online fabric store now, and shop your favorite marine vinyl or any other fabric, because we have something for everyone!

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